Roderick Sutterby Biography

Roderick Sutterby studied painting and ceramics at the renowned Bath Academy of Art and now lives and works in the High Pennines of Northumberland. He has taught painting, printmaking, design and illustration, working as a professional artist since 1970.

His landscape paintings reflect the immediate environment of the uplands about his studio. It's wild places, weather and subtle dramas of light, colours and space. A landscape providing a backdrop often combining autobiography with magical reality, the imagined as an unfolding story.

Roderick's paintings of Trout and Salmon now form a remarkable record of the 'Salmonidae', both in their numerous forms and life strategies. As specimens collected by anglers and naturalists from diverse waters, many of these studies were used to illustrate two highly acclaimed books.

WILD TROUT - 'the natural history of an endangered fish' (published G. Philip 1989)

ATLANTIC SALMON - 'an illustrated natural history' (published Merlin Unwin 2005)

There is a permanent exhibition of his original salmon paintings at L'National Conservatoire du Saumon Sauvage at Chanteuges, Auvergne, France. The Natural History Museum in London holds a large collection of Roderick's digital images, available for use from their Image Resource Library. The artist's original paintings and prints feature in private and public collections worldwide.